About Senegal

Official designation : Republic of Senegal

Capital city : Dakar

Area : 196,722 km²

Population : 14.67 million (2014)

Population density : 76,2 hab / km²

Predominant religion : Islam

Official language : French

Change : CFA franc ( xof )


Useful information


Senegal is part of the African Financial Community (CFA) zone.

The CFA franc has a fixed parity with the euro. (1 euro = 655,957 FCFA).

The exchange rate of foreign currencies is determined in relation to the Euro.

Credit Cards and International Transfers

The major international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) can be used to pay for purchases, but also in major hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies and travel agencies.

Cards are also used to withdraw cash from ATMs in all major cities.

In addition, Western Union and Money Gram money transfer companies have representatives in most major cities across the country.


Check that you are properly insured for your trip.

Language, us and customs

The official language is French, understood by a good part of the population.

There are six national languages ​​(Wolof – the most widespread – Serer, Diola, Puular , Soninké, Mandin).

Jet lag

Senegal is at GMT time.

Compared to South Korea – 9am


Voltage: 220 V

Plugs identical to those in Korea ( with two round holes and possibly a male appendage for grounding).

Telephone and Internet

The indicative of Senegal is 221.

The telephone network is of very good quality for your national or international communications or for sending faxes.

Three operators offer cell phone services (subscription or card).

Cyber ​​cafes allow you to surf the Internet or consult your mailbox in all cities.

Rates range from 200 to 500 CFA francs per hour.


The postal service is reliable. Post offices are open from 7:30 am to 16h. Complementary services (express mail, money transfer) are offered.



Holidays are :

* January 1st ( New Year’s Day),

* April 4th ( Independence Day),

* May 1st ( Labor Day)

* As Muslim holidays (Tamkharit, Korité, Tabaski Maouloud or Gamou, Magal of Touba brotherhood and other holidays) whose dates depend on the Islamic calendar.

* Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter Monday, All Saints’ Day, Ascension, Pentecost and Assumption).

Other Civil Holidays

* March 8 (Women’s Day)

* August 23 (Feast of the Senegalese Tirailleur)

Taxes and tips

The hotels and camps charge a tourist tax of 600 F CFA, sometimes included in the posted tariffs.


Lightweight cotton or canvas clothing.

Provide a sweater for cool nights ( November to May) ; Sneakers or high shoes for the bush.

Do not forget: swimsuit, sunglasses, canvas hats, solar oil and cameras.


✓ Road connections

A toll motorway connects Dakar to its periphery

A motorway network is designed throughout the country to open up tourist sites

✓ Fast cars

Recognizable by their colorful bodies predominantly yellow and blue, the fast cars represent the typical urban transport of Senegal.

✓ Taxis

Yellow and black taxis circulate in Dakar and in the main cities of the country. The price of the race is generally agreed at the beginning after negotiation with the driver .

✓ The rental

Car and bus rental agencies exist throughout the country. Subsidiaries of international groups or local agencies, they propose a modern car fleet