Official Documents

Mining Code

Law No. 2016-32 OF 08 NOVEMBER 2016

Statement of Reasons
Read the following Mining Code

Penal Code

Law No. 2016-29 of November 08, 2016 amending Law No. 65-60 of July 21, 1965 on the Penal Code

General Code of Local Authorities

Law No. 2013-10 of December 28, 2013 on the General Code of Local Authorities


Tax Code

The tax policy implemented by Senegal in recent decades reflects the will of the public authorities to make taxation an instrument capable of optimally mobilizing the resources necessary to cover public burdens, to promote economic growth and to improve the business environment.

Telecommunications Code

Law No. 2011-01 of 24 February 2011 on the Telecommunications Code

Code of Sanitation

Law No. 2009-24 of July 8th, 2009 bearing the Code of the Sanitation.

Code of Construction

Law No. 2009-23 of July 8, 2009 bearing the Code of the Construction.

Code of urbanism

Law No. 2008-43 of August 20, 2008 on the Town Planning Code

Law No. 96-07 of 22 March 1996 on the transfer of powers to regions, communes and rural communities devoted, in the area of ​​town planning, the transfer of certain powers that were the responsibility of the State to local authorities.