Presentation of the Embassy

The Embassy of Senegal in South Korea was opened in 2007. It marks an important moment in the exchanges between our two countries, the opening  in Seoul, is a proof of confidence and respect that both country have for each other.

In 2000, after the presidential elections, Senegal experienced a peaceful political alternation, and has become today a country with efficient social infrastructure compared to its neighbors in West Africa.

This site has been designed to meet your expectations: inform you at all times of activities carried out by the Embassy and the Permanent Mission, facilitate your administrative procedures concerning visa application procedures, the preparation of civil status documents and the provision of information on economic, tourism and cultural opportunities in Senegal.

The missions of the Embassy consist in

  • Represent Senegal and defend its interests in the Jurisdiction
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the cooperative relations between South Korea and Senegal
  • Foster the partnership relationship between the private sectors of Senegal and South Korea, with investment, joint ventures and trade as priorities
  • Promote, encourage and monitor the development of decentralized cooperation
  • Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Senegal in 1962, the two countries have carried out numerous cooperation projects, particularly in the fields of economics and technology, in the context of sustainable development.