Senegalese Nationals


It is advisable for the Senegalese who are living in South Korea to register at the embassy as soon as they arrive in the jurisdiction. This act allows us to know the community that we have to administer, its number and its geographical location. For the preparation of the consular card, the following documents are necessary:

  • A consular card application form available on the website
  • Original and a copy of the Senegalese identity document (national identity card or passport)
  • Three ( 3 ) passport photos
  • Stamp fee of 3700 won

The Advantages of the Consular Card.

In the form of a green card with your photo and your identity, the consular card offers you some advantages:

The issuance, at the request of the person concerned, of a certificate of removal in case of definitive return to Senegal. In addition, if you go to customs, because you have made purchases and want to have them taxed, customs will ask you to justify your place of residence abroad which only your consular card can attest.

Another advantage, throughout your stay abroad we recommend that you always travel with your “consular card” instead of the passport or identity card for the following reasons: in case of loss or theft, the consulate will issue you without delay and free of charge a new consular card.

In the event of an accident or arrest while carrying his “consular card” or presenting it to the authorities of the country, they will be able to ascertain your identity and if necessary to contact the concerned consulate.

The consular card is in no way an identity document. It is the Consulate that issues a consular identity card. In case of final departure from the country, the expatriate must return the consular card to the authorities who established it.

The information provided is contained in the consular file, it is kept and strictly confidential and can only be communicated with the prior consent of the persons concerned who retain a permanent personal right of access, control and modification.

Download the consular card application form



The Embassy may transcribe the marriage records celebrated in South Korea or celebrate marriages between two (02) Senegalese or between Senegalese and a foreign national.

For the transcription, the following documents are necessary:

  • Copy of marriage certificate issued by South Korean authorities
  • Copy of identity documents for each spouse
  • Copy of birth certificates for each spouse

For the wedding celebration at the Embassy, ​​the file should include:

  • A form (see link), to be completed
  • A birth certificate dating back less than 03 months, with the mention IN VIEW OF MARRIAGE, for each spouse,
  • Copy of valid identity documents of the spouses
  • Copy of the identification of each of the two witnesses (1 for each spouse)
  • A certificate of celibacy of less than 03 months (or failing that, a certificate of divorce)

After the filing of these documents, a period of 15 clear days will be observed before the wedding celebration at the Embassy.

Marriage application form Download the marriage application form



Any child born in South Korea , of Senegalese parent (s), after having been declared to the Gu-Office of birth, must be the subject of a new declaration to the Embassy of Senegal. This operation called transcription entitles the issuance of a birth certificate from the country of origin.

The following documents are required for the transcription request:

  • Copy of the birth certificate issued by the competent South Korean authorities.
  • Copy of the Senegalese identity document of the parent (s)



The Embassy must be informed of any death of a Senegalese in order to proceed to the recording or its transcription. Generally the consular civil status officer will request the death certificate issued by the local authorities for the purpose of transcribing it on the death records of the post. Any registered death will be mentioned in the margin of the deceased’s birth certificate. The consular civil status officer will mention this directly on the corresponding register. If the birth of the deceased is registered there, if it is born elsewhere a notice of death is sent to the civil status of the place of birth through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NB: The Embassy must at the request of relatives of the deceased, establish a mortuary pass for the repatriation of the body in Senegal. This formality is required for airlines



Indispensable for the repatriation of the dead, the mortuary permit is issued at the request of a close relative of the deceased on presentation of the documents required by the airport authorities. For this you will need the following document:

  • An ID of the deceased
  • The death certificate
  • The certificate of non-epidemic
  • Authorization to leave the territory for burial purposes issued by the local authorities.