Senegal is an agricultural country producing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables only some of which enter the industrial value chain. The agribusiness therefore offers plenty of room for growth, particularly in conservation and versatility of production equipment.



Agriculture, livestock and agribusiness are some of the main dynamic sectors of the Senegalese economy. They offer significant investment opportunities in a variety of activities with high potential, which the government has been focusing on for a number of years.

The 2004 Framework law for Agriculture, Forestry and Herding (LOASP) brought new impetus to the development of primary industry sectors.

The implementation of several special programs (rice, maize, sesame …) along with grants for agricultural inputs and equipment has led to satisfactory crops in recent years. Cereal production and horticulture cover an ever increasing share of national demand and exports are booming.


Senegal advantages :

  • A very favorable ocean climate along the south and central coast
  • Several types of soil suitable for cereal and horticultural crops
  • An important and under exploited hydraulic potential
  • Solid production experience
  • Renewed interest Senegal-sourced products
  • Close to major export markets

Investment opportunities :

Investment opportunities exist throughout the country, and benefit from government & development partners’ support.

Investment Opportunities in Rice Cultivation :

  • Senegal River Valley, especially in the lower and middle valleys (Dagana, Podor etc.).
  • Strong growth in domestic demand with annual consumption at more than 70kg per capita (150 pounds)
  • 400 000 metric tones imported yearly (441000 US tons)


A dynamic export based horticultural sector :

  • Papaya, sweet corn, bananas, peppers, sweet potato, lemon, okra, etc..
  • Bio Products (Mango, Banana etc.).
  • Green beans: Bobby, fine, extra fine, etc..
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Herbs
  • Asparagus, peas and other off season crops

Tropical products for export :

  • Bio banana in the south of the country very promising
  • Food processing
  • Processing of fruit and vegetable for juices, dried fruit, flours and more

Infrastructure :

  • Freight station. Currently under construction, it will consolidate export growth of quality fresh produce, an important source of profit for Senegalese exporters.
  • Feltiplex : A conditioning center which will help exporters preserve the quality of their products and massively upgrade export infrastructure.